Published on: 
22nd July 2013

Bihar, 22–23 July 2013: A two-day materials review workshop was held at the SCERT office campus in Patna (Bihar) on Monday and Tuesday. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce participants to the materials and contextual draft teacher development units (TDUs) being developed by TESS-India, and have them assess it in relation to the Bihar state ODL curriculum requirements.

Participating at the event were the Bihar SCERT Director Mr Hasan Warris, the HoD Teacher Education at SCERT Dr S.A. Moin, DIET and SCERT principals and teacher educators, Block Resource Coordinators (BRCs), and Cluster Resource Center Coordinators (CRCCs), among others.

Dr Steven Hutchinson, Academic Director of TESS-India, presented a project overview of the TDUs, with materials covering primary and secondary school subject areas of maths, science, English and mother tongue, and also leadership and management.

As discussion in the workshop progressed, an SCERT representative, Mr Gyandeo Mani Tripathi, said that ‘when the National Curriculum Framework was prepared, Bihar was not represented in it therefore later a Bihar Curriculum Framework (BCF) was prepared. This was to address pressing state concerns such as students not asking questions in class, them having to miss classes owing to natural calamities, pedagogical concerns, etc.’ However, these issues remain.

To applaud TESS-India’s initiative and welcome a unified effort, everyone sang in unison the song ’We Shall Overcome’ – enthusing the workshop to motivate further discussions and possible solutions on day two as well. The review of TESS-India’s materials was positive, with different subject teachers giving it their seal of approval. TESS-India materials were found to be suitable for use in pre- and in-service teacher training. 

Participants further suggested that T-I visit the DIETs and help develop the state develop a District Curriculum Framework.