Student teachers must learn about different teaching methods and the resources they can use in teaching. They must learn to prepare lesson plans, selecting and organising student learning experiences according to content and level, and developing their use of resources in the science classroom.

Teaching Student Teachers on a BEd Course (Secondary Science)
A University

A university lecturer planned a three-hour session for student teachers on the use of resources in science teaching.  The session started with a sample of micro-teaching. In the role of the class teacher, the lecturer carried out Case Study 2 from the Secondary Science OER ‘Using physical models: teaching electricity to Class X’. 

The student teachers then read the whole OER themselves and completed Activity 2

The student teachers were then given two more OER, ‘Using games: the Periodic Table’ and ‘Using local resources: life processes’. In pairs, they read each in turn, identifying and listing the resources that could be used in secondary science lessons.

The student teachers were then given two Key Resources: ‘Planning lessons’ and ‘Using local resources’, which they read together in small groups. 

Each group planned a short activity for a science lesson that involved a resource.  Each group then taught their short activity to the rest of the class.