Teachers are sometimes hesitant or reluctant to develop the more participatory classroom practices that are promoted in their professional development workshops. This initiative therefore aimed to support secondary school leaders in motivating their teachers to begin to make changes in their classrooms.

Supporting School Leaders in Motivating Teacher Change in their Schools
DIET-based Facilitators of the School Leadership Development Programme

On the first day of the two-day workshop, the school leaders were introduced to the School Leadership OER ‘Orientation: the secondary school leader as enabler’.  After an initial brainstorm about leadership, they completed the needs analysis in Activity 3.  The results of the Activity 3 revealed that one of areas most commonly identified as requiring attention was effective teacher questioning in the classroom. It was thus decided that the workshop would focus on ways of motivating and supporting teachers in making positive changes in this area. 

The School Leaders began by viewing one of the Secondary Maths videos on questioning.   After watching it twice, they discussed in small groups which practices they would like to see their teachers employ more regularly in their classrooms. 

They then read the Key Resource ‘Using questioning to promote thinking’ and discussed how they might use it with their teachers.

Together, they agreed to organise a staff meeting at their respective schools, in which they would begin to engage and motivate their teachers in making small yet sustainable positive changes to their classroom practice, beginning with questioning skills.  In small groups, the school leaders then read Section 4 of  the School Leadership OER, ‘Transforming teaching learning process: leading improvements in teaching and learning in the secondary school and elementary school.

Drawing on the text- and video-based resources used in the workshop, each school leader then made a plan for their respective school meeting.  The workshop finished with all the school leaders agreeing to report back on their experiences at the next workshop.