I teach science to a class of 55 Class X students. I am not always confident when I do classroom demonstrations and sense that they are not as engaging as they could be.

Teacher (secondary)

I found the TESS-India OEREffective demonstrations: teaching light and vision to Class X’. I was planning to teach electricity next and wasn’t sure if it would be directly relevant. However, in it, I discovered several useful ideas.

The OER activities made me think carefully about the planning of my demonstrations. One activity suggested working with another teacher in order to share ideas.

I showed my colleague the OER and, using the points about the importance of detailed planning, we planned two demonstrations together.

After we had each taught the lessons we had prepared, we used the questions in the Pause for thought to reflect on how they went. The process of co-planning gave me confidence, while also ensuring that my demonstration went much more smoothly than before.

My colleague and I have continued to plan our demonstrations together.  Recently we have started using ideas from the science OER on questioning (‘Teacher’s questioning: forces’) so that we can improve this important classroom skill.