The examination results in my school were worryingly low, even though I made sure that teachers completed the syllabus.

School leader (secondary)

I found the TESS-India School Leadership OER on Leading improvements in teaching and learning in the secondary school’. I looked at the section on enabling student-centred participatory pedagogy.

I decided to focus on improving formative assessment so I read the Key Resource on assessing progress and performance.

I then arranged a staff meeting where we discussed the videos on teaching English, maths and science (the same techniques apply to all subjects).

I encouraged my teachers to identify some activities that they could use with their students in the Teacher Development OER using this table [link 5].

Over time, the teachers became more aware of what their students were finding difficult. As a result, they were able to plan their lessons more effectively, improve the feedback they gave their students and identify more accurately the aspects of the curriculum that needed to be revisited.