Although they have attended many training sessions, my teachers tend to restrict their lessons to use of the textbook and blackboard only. I wanted them to be more imaginative in their lessons, so that they and their students could enjoy them more.

School leader (elementary)

I was inspired by the section in the TESS-India School Leadership orientation OER about focusing on your teachers. I tried the ‘Pause for thought activity myself.

I then watched the video on leading teachers, in which a school leader talks about how she fosters a collaborative spirit in the school.

At the next staff meeting I showed my teachers a video on groupwork. They were motivated at seeing students actively engaged in their learning, so we talked about how they could incorporate groupwork into their lessons themselves.

There is a useful table that lists all the OER units that include groupwork activities. The teachers referred to this as they developed their lesson plans.

At the next staff meeting, I encouraged the teachers to report on how their groupwork lessons went and what they might do differently next time. I am pleased that they are so keen to incorporate more groupwork into their future lessons.