Attendance at my school had for a long time been very low. I realised that I needed to create a more motivating environment in my school so that the students wanted to attend regularly and their parents saw the value in their children doing so.

School leader (elementary)

I started to read the TESS-India OER on orientation first and was struck by the first case study, in which the senior leader recognised the need for students to perceive their lessons as relevant to their lives.

Over a period of time and with the help of my colleague, Lata, I visited the students’ villages and spoke to their parents and other local inhabitants. In this way, we gathered ideas about the skills and crafts that are valued by my students, their parents and their communities.

I spoke with my teachers about what Lata and I had learned. Together we identified some new practical ‘activity lessons’ that could be included in the school timetable.

I also watched the video on building school-community relationships. Since then, I have been taking photos of the classroom activities on my phone and showing them to parents at the School Management Committee (SMC) meetings

Activity 7 on engaging with parents has given me further ideas for involving parents in their children’s learning.