Although my students can read and write English quite well, they lack confidence in speaking it and would find it difficult to have a real-life conversation outside the classroom.

Mr Choudhury
Teacher (secondary)

When the Block Education Officer directed me to the TESS-India OER on the SCERT website, I selected Supporting speaking is English: pair and groupwork and started to work through it.

It was reassuring to see students engaged in such activities in the videos on pair work and groupwork.  

The first activity I tried out with my students was a simple pair dictation activity.

My students worked in pairs, with one dictating and the other writing. As I listened to their conversations, I noticed some common pronunciation issues. Having noted them down, I drew everyone’s attention to them at the end of the activity.

I accessed another OER, ‘Building your students’ confidence to speak English’ and I have been involving my students in choosing some interesting topics for discussion. 

I keep a copy of the ‘Using pair work’ key resource on my desk as it is a helpful reminder of the different ways in which I can use this approach with my class.